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 Innovative Aerial Firefighting Product

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 A patented wilderness firefighting product 

U.S PATENT # 7089862

                             This site describes a new product that would fill a much needed niche in aerial firefighting.

We, here at TGC Ventures, LLC., give our deepest, heartfelt gratitude to all firefighters, on the ground or in the air, and especially to those who have paid the ultimate price while protecting us and our natural resources. 

Our aerial firefighting tanker fleet has been greatly downsized this season for various reasons, which include aircraft age and maintenance issues, expensive repairs, and the enormous cost just to keep the aircraft flying.  With the increasingly deadly intensity of wildfires each year, it is now even more imperative that we invest in something new, cost effective, and something that will bring about improved results.

We are currently battling very serious, and deadly,  wildfires in many areas. Firefighting personnel are working extremely hard but, because of inaccessible terrain, a limited arsenal and other reasons, they are having extreme difficulties in fighting them.

What we need is an updated aerial firefighting product that is more cost effective to produce, store, and deploy than current options. This product should deliver the maximum amount of liquid to the fire more quickly, be reloaded and return to the fire  quicker than current methods, be used day or night in every type of terrain, and have no negative impact on the environment. This product should also be easily integrated into current aerial firefighting programs.


This product is the WATERPOD

Wildfires greatly affect all of us, so please keep an open mind while reviewing the site, as the Water Pod is not intended to replace current aerial firefighting programs but, rather, to enhance them. I thank you in advance for reading the information in this site, and please contact TGC VENTURES for details regarding Waterpod options.

  “…an industry that does not change, is an industry destined to fail.”

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